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InstaView Enterprise Broker Solution

What is InstaView?

InstaView, powered by Property Panorama, automatically creates Virtual Tours for every listing within an MLS or Association. Once created, the MLS/IDX compliant Virtual Tours are automatically attached to the listing, and remain in full sync with the listing data every hour, 24/7. At the same time, InstaView also allows the agent to upgrade to a fully branded version of the tour, PDF and Virtual Flyers, Branded YouTube Videos, Mobile Media with Turbo Text, CD/DVD/Podcast Tours, and MUCH MORE! Through this automated process, Property Panorama has proudly become the #1 provider of Virtual Tours in the world and the #3 provider of videos to YouTube in the world.

What is the Enterprise Broker Solution?

With InstaView already launched in over 80 MLSs around the world, many of our Brokers began to ask for a higher value option to elevate their agents above the rest. With this goal in mind, Property Panorama created the Enterprise Broker Solution. This product, designed specifically to fit the needs of Brokerages of all sizes, not only provides all of the features of the Enhanced InstaView, but also introduces Broker-Specific features that will take your listings and your brokerage to the next level.

  • Organically Boosted SEO for every page and listing
  • Unified web Presence for all agents and listings
  • Broker Branded URLS (VirtualTour.YourDomain.com)
  • Address Based URLS (VirtualTour.YourDomain.com/Address-of-Listing)
  • Custom Branded Templates for Tours and Flyers
  • Custom YouTube Video Templates
  • Custom ‘All Tours’ pages for Agent, Office, and Company
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Web Syndication and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a core part of our digital marketing service, property listing information is kept in sync with MLS systems on a daily basis, served from our enterprise web servers, and syndicated to various internet services and sites, such as: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc..   The virtual tour is automatically taken down when the listing is no longer on the market, the agent indicates that the listing should not appear in IDX feeds or should generally not appear on the Internet, or the listing does not have enough content for a full virtual tour. This synchronization occurs automatically on an hourly basis and without any manual intervention by the agent.

The virtual tour helps facilitate the digital marketing and branding of the property listing it represents as well as the entities that own or manage its content: the listing agent, MLS, Brokerage Company, or other real estate organization.  A fully syndicated and branded virtual tour can also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value on behalf of its owner(s).

Our service includes features that are designed to improve the web presence of the virtual tours belonging to a real estate organization.  As part of our Broker Enterprise Solution, we host white-label tours with internet addresses within the domain of the Brokerage Company.  As an additional part of these features, the internet addresses of these virtual tours also include the physical address of the property as a suffix.

These and other features positively impact how web search engines rank the relevance of these  web resources for end user searches, which is a key goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a means to funnel an increasing web audience to the virtual tours and the property listings they represent.

MLS/IDX Compliant Unbranded Tours

As a part of the Enterprise Broker Solution, every listing with 3 or more photos will automatically receive an MLS/IDX compliant Unbranded Tour. This tour will utilize Property Panorama’s custom Broker Branded and Address-Based URLS structure, and will be automatically attached to the MLS within one hour of the listing being entered in the MLS. Once created, these tours, and all InstaView products, remain in full sync with the MLS or Association every hour, 24/7.

Some features included with the Unbranded Tours are:
  • Fully MLS and IDX compliant
  • Automatically created for every listing
  • Automatically attached to the MLS
  • Fully in sync with the MLS at all times
  • Directly integrated with Google Maps
  • Custom Broker-branded and Address based URLS
Unbranded Virtual Tour Sample

Fully Branded Virtual Tours

At the same time the Unbranded Tours are being created, every listing will also receive fully Branded Virtual Tours that can be used anywhere outside of the MLS (unless otherwise specified). At the Broker’s request, Property Panorama will automatically submit these fully branded Virtual Tours directly to the Broker Website! As is the case with all InstaView Products, the Branded Virtual Tours remain in full sync with the MLS at all times, your agents do not have to do a thing!

Some features included with the Branded Tours are:
  • Custom Template created specifically for the Brokerage
  • Creates unified web presence for all agents and listings
  • Custom Broker-Branded and Address Based URLS
  • Can be submitted directly to the Broker website
  • Full Agent, Office, and Company branding
  • Custom Links Tabs for Broker-specific lenders and partners
  • Google Maps directly integrated
  • Linked directly to Broker Website
  • Linked directly to PDF/Virtual Flyer and YouTube Video
Custom Broker-Branded Tour Sample

Custom Branding for All Products

In addition to Unbranded and Branded Virtual Tours for every listing, InstaView also provides fully branded PDF and Virtual Flyers, YouTube Videos, and customized ‘All Tours’ pages for the Agent, Office and Company. Each product is specially designed to match the branding of your brokerage, and create a unified, yet unique, web presence for all of your agents and listings.
Custom Product Samples
Branded Virtual Tour
Branded Tour Video
Branded Tour Video
Branded Virtual Tour
PDF Flyer
PDF Flyer
Virtual Flyer
Virtual Flyer

Custom Branded ‘All Tours’ pages



Following the vision set by the original InstaView Virtual Tour, the Enterprise Broker Solution aims to provide the best possible products, feature sets, and benefits at a price point that is affordable for Brokerages of all sizes. Whether your agents maintain a few dozen listings, or tens of thousands, Property Panorama has an affordable plan for you!

For only pennies per listing/per month, the InstaView Enterprise Broker Solution will deliver fully customized features and functionality that will take your Listings, Agents, and Brokerage to the next level!

Contact Property Panorama today to receive a quote from the #1 provider of Virtual Tours in the world.


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